In the bright noon sun,

I sensed the warmth of you next to me.

I needed someone to validate me

I grasped your love with both hands

And threw myself into the whirlpool.


As the sun sank, I realised

I expected too much of you.

I thought you could set me free.

Now I know that was too much to ask,

That love for another is not what I need

But to learn to love me.


In the shadows of night I can see

That it was never meant to be

You were nothing but a fantasy.

The pedestal on which you stood

Slowly crumbling as time went by.


I stand alone, unloved, unworthy

There was no pedestal designed for me.

As the morning dawns I wonder,

If I could feel your love again

Would it change how I feel about me?



© Niamh Corcoran 29/05/2011